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What is Parceed?

Parceed is an innovative online platform that connects medical students with the expertise they need to navigate the long and complicated process of becoming a physician in the U.S.

The Parceed MedEx Bot serves as your own personal guide through medical education process (from obtaining observerships to preparing for Step 1 to Match Day). Our MedEx Bot helps students and medical graduates get answers to their most common questions whenever they need it. And our bot is trained by top experts in medical education. Sign-up or use Login to access the Parceed MedEx Bot today.

While our MedEx Bot can answer many of your questions some questions require the guidance from a live expert. Parceed MedEx Connect allows you to connect with experts who have successfully navigated the process themselves. Our experts can help you develop your CV, conduct mock interviews, provide strategic guidance on obtaining observerships and more. Parceed MedEx Connect is also a great way to grow your professional network and make long-lasting and positive connections with other medical professionals. Sign-up or use Login to connect with one of our experts today.

How do I Sign-Up?

Signing up for Parceed is easy. You can use your email or your Facebook account and it's completely free. Whether you're looking for advice as a member or offering advice as an expert, you'll need to create a profile.

Are there guidelines or code of conduct?

Yes. Parceed is not so much a social network as it is a professional community. We ask that all users (experts and members) read and follow these guidelines to ensure that their account isn't at risk of being suspended or removed. You can find our guidelines in the “User Conduct” tab of our Terms and Conditions.

Is Parceed international?

Yes. The Parceed MedEx is a global community. We support and connect experts and members from all around the world. No matter where you live you can access on-demand guidance from the world's top experts through Parceed MedEx Connect or Parceed MedEx Bot.

How do I edit my profile?

My Dashboard > About: Go to your “My Dashboard” page a click on the “About” tab.



How do I schedule a call with an Expert?

Scheduling a call with an expert is easy.

1. Sign up. You’ll need to sign-up to schedule a meeting with an expert.

2. Search for experts and schedule a meeting. Once you’ve signed up and created a profile you will be directed to your dashboard. Within your dashboard you include additional information about yourself in the “About” tab, comment on posts from experts and other members in the “Discussions” tab, and search for experts to meet with in the “Experts” tab.

To schedule a meeting with an expert, you simply need to find an expert who meets your needs and click on that expert’s “Profile” button. You will be directed to the expert’s profile page where you can view additional details about the expert and reviews from other members. Once you’re ready to schedule a call click on the “Schedule a call” button. When scheduling the call, the member will be asked for a credit card, but don’t worry you won’t be charged until 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.

3. Confirmation. A confirmation is sent to both you, the member and the expert via email with a link to the video call.

4. Connection. At the confirmed date and time, both member and expert will click on the link to the video call to connect (your personal phone number will not be shared). We encourage members to leave an honest rating and review for the experts.

How do payments work on Parceed?

When requesting a meeting with an expert, you'll be prompted to provide your credit card information. You'll be charged 24 hours before the scheduled meeting time. Following the call, charges will be adjusted based upon the actual length of the meeting. The member will be billed for any time that the meeting runs over beyond the originally scheduled time or credited any balance if the meeting runs shorter than originally scheduled. To add a payment method, simply go to Account > Payments.



How do I apply to become an expert?

You can apply to become an expert on Parceed by following the application process found in your “Become An Expert” tab of your “My Dashboard” page.

All expert applications are reviewed by our team. Experts are assessed based on their background, the demand from our community for the expertise, and completeness of their profile.

Be sure to review our Expert Services Agreement for further information regarding our expectations for experts.

Who’s requesting meetings with me and how will they find me?

You will mostly receive meeting requests from members of the Parceed network, U.S. or international medical students or graduates , who need help in navigating the process of becoming a physician in the U.S.

Parceed makes it super easy for members to find the right expert.

Using the “Expert” tab in “My Dashboard”, members can search for experts based on their current residency program, area of expertise, medical specialty, country of origin, medical school and/or graduation year. We suggest that you completely fill out your profile and keep this information updated.

What if I’m not available?

Many of our experts are busy residents, so our simple calendar tool allows you to set the dates and times that you are available to meet with members. Once you set your availability members can only schedule a meeting based on the dates and times you’ve indicated.

When and how do I get paid?

We pay our experts on the same schedule. You will be paid at the end of every month the amount you have earned from consultations given within that month. We make direct deposits to your bank account. Once you are approved as a Parceed expert and give your first consultation we will send you instructions with how to setup your direct bank deposits.

How much is the Parceed service fee?

We charge a 30% service fee for every meeting completed. This amount is deducted from the total amount charged to the member. This service fee goes to the site's operation, enables the platform we provide, and allows us to link you with members who need guidance all around the world.


Have more questions or need more help?

Send us an email at [email protected]. Phone support is available by appointment only. Please email us your name, phone number, problem/issue and availability Mon - Sun 9am - 5pm ET in order to set up an appointment for phone support.