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Becoming a doctor is a long and complicated process. You need on-demand and reliable information to remain competitive and ensure that you’re on the right track. Parceed uses the power of artificial intelligence to help guide medical students through the difficult process of becoming a physician. We provide on-demand access to the knowledge of top medical education experts and a platform to strengthen and grow your professional network. Because becoming a doctor is about patients...not process.



Tatiana Sorokina, Co-President and Co-Founder

Tatiana is a passionate entrepreneur, a Columbia Business School graduate and an established leader in Artificial Intelligence in healthcare space. She has built hundreds of machine learning algorithms to predict early disease stages for 100MM+ patients. Armed with healthcare experience and passion for education she is determined to help every medical student become a doctor.


Louisy Raymond, Co-President and Co-Founder

Louisy has served as the medical and life sciences community for over 14 years and has developed a reputation for driving operational efficiency and revenue growth. She began her career in marketing, but has managed marketing, operations, and sales development teams at healthcare startups and brands like GLG and WebMD/Medscape. As a first generation college graduate and daughter of a Haitian immigrant Louisy is passionate about using the power of Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive platform for democratizing access to education. Louisy received her Bachelors of Science in Marketing from Bentley University.



Eduardo Ramos, Founding Engineer

Eduardo Ramos holds an Information Engineering degree from Ricardo Palma University (Lima, Peru) has more than 10 years of experience building top-notch software solutions for financial and commercial real estate industries. At his previous startup Eduardo was a Founding Engineer and led product development from the inception of the company to its exit in 2016. Eduardo is very passionate about education and healthcare. In his spare time he gives lectures about Entrepreneurship, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.


Rounak Banik, Engineer

Rounak Banik is a third year student pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. His professional interests include software engineering, web development and management and he has built a host of products including social networking sites, microblogging apps, blog Engines, chrome extensions, automation scripts, timetable generators and more. Rounak has a number of interests including the theater, writing poetry and debate, but his deepest passions lie in economics, philosophy and psychology.


Parceed MedEx Bot, Bot

Parceed MedEx Bot is the first medical education robot powered by artificial intelligence. It received its training from top experts in the medical education industry. Its expertise includes USMLE preparation, medical residency applications. personal statement development and more. In it’s infancy MedEx Bot helped students find residency programs that were the best fit for them, but has grown to help guide medical students through the complicated medical education process (from USMLE to Match).



Dr. Anastasia Sorokina, MD

Anastasia is a Pathology Resident at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago. She is an International Medical Graduate from Moscow State University Medical School who used Parceed MedEx to successfully navigate an arduous journey to become a Doctor in the U.S. With extensive research experience and over 17 publications in leading American Pathology journals she now helps many medical students successfully match into the right residency programs.


Dr. Mohammad Ossareh, MD, MBA

Dr. Mohammad Hajighasemi Ossareh is a well-known leader in medical education and a Neurology Resident at the University of Southern California who has been helping students successfully prepare for medical school and medical residency programs for almost a decade. He is also the founder and chief content creator of the popular DocOssareh Youtube channel. His Youtube channel has over 56,000 subscribers and over 4 million video views.


Dr. Destry Sulkes, MD, MBA

Dr. Sulkes is a co-founder at Prognos.ai, the Chief Data Officer at WPP Health & Wellness and is a Past President of the Board of Directors for the Alliance for CEhp. Dr. Sulkes has been leading teams and helping to build companies in both healthcare analytics and medical education settings for almost 20 years. Dr. Sulkes is also a mentor in the NYC Blueprint Health Accelerator Program and is dedicated to developing and supporting innovative improvements to patient care.

Mark d

Mark Degatano

Mark brings a wide range of in-depth data commercialization expertise to our Advisory Board. He has over 30 years of Pharma industry experience spanning the client, vendor, and start-up areas. He was with Merck for 24 years, with his last role as VP, Customer Insights and COO of ComSort (a wholly-owned Merck subsidiary). He has worked for and with numerous data and service providers to the Pharmaceutical industry, including ImpactRx, ActivateNetworks, Medivo, Verix, IMS, RealHealth Data, and Aptus Health. While at ImpactRx, he was Chief Strategy Officer for launching the newly-created Symphony Health Solutions. He has led the development and commercialization of data-based solutions for helping pharmaceutical companies improve brand performance and grow sales. Mark has a BA in Mathematics and an MA in Statistics, both from Boston University.